Traveling Man Discreetly Carries His Libations

Man’s Flask For Travel

whiskey flaskMost men who travel a lot have circumstances where they would like an adult beverage, but the environment for their pleasurable pastime is not conducive to an enjoyable evening. Industrious travelers will find their way into finding the perfect flask for men who travel.

The advantage of carrying your own flask is you can be sure of the quality and brand of your favorite beverage. Many times, some distant places of relaxation may only carry well brands of liquor. During these stressful times, it is very comforting to know you have your own supply of Glenfiddich or Glenlevit.

Now choosing a suitable flask is generally a fairly easy task. 8 ounces will fit quite keenly in a coat pocket. 6 ounce flasks will easily ride in the hip pocket. Many flasks come with various wraps such as leather, faux leather, cloth and more. Often, they come imprinted with droll sayings or emblems of your favorite football team.  When purchasing a flask, you can often get a stainless steel funnel to pair with the flask for ease of filling without spilling. One would never want to waste a dram of the Glenfiddich.

How a man’s flask might have problems.

You may need to check with the local authorities regarding the legality of flask use. For instance, in many US states, a flask, though properly “corked” or with a screw-down cap, is still considered an open container. Having possession of an open container while operating a motor vehicle could cause some legal issues. We aren’t offering any legal advice here, and you would be best served consulting an attorney for a better's leather wrapped flask

In most circumstances, though having to face the legality of carrying a flask will be minimal. Most often, you will be sharing with friends. But if it is a particularly tasty and rare batch, maybe you should just enjoy on your own.

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